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At the Helm

Sophia Stevens has been awarded a formidable responsibility this spring as the starting centre back for the TSS Rovers in the Women’s Premier Soccer League (WPSL). As anyone will tell you, playing centre back is one of the most demanding positions on the pitch, particularly in a 3-5-2 formation. But the real achievement is that Stevens is taking this on as an 18 year old just finishing up her grade 12 year.

When Stevens joined TSS FC at the age of 15, she had ambitions to play at the university level and wanted to focus as much as possible on her development. Stevens had been training in the weekend academy at TSS for a number of years and then decided to join the full-time TSS FC program. At the time, she had been playing as a striker in the local BCSPL but TSS decided to try her out at centre back. The transition took time but, in the end, she emerged as the strongest youth centre back to ever come out of the TSS FC program.

“It’s been quite remarkable to see Sophia evolve over time,” says Girls Technical Director Brendan Quarry. As the head instructor of TSS FC Black (U18), Quarry oversaw her transition from striker to centre back. “As she will tell you, there were bumps along the way. Playing centre back can be very unforgiving. The position requires physical, technical, and mental strength, particularly when playing in the women’s league and particularly when playing out of the back as we do quite religiously at TSS. Sophia has developed all those aspects of her game.”

In the TSS FC youth system, Sophia spent a few years playing in the Metro Women’s Soccer League (MWSL) - one year at the Selects division and her final year at Premier division. So playing with and against women is not a new experience for her. The MWSL has helped prepare her for the WPSL, as well as university level soccer. Once her first season in the WPSL finishes up, Stevens will be off to the University of Regina where she will start her first year at U Sport. TSS sees a bright future for Stevens and looks forward to having her continue on with the Rovers for many seasons to come.