1751 Savage Road, Richmond, BC

For Committed Young Players

Welcome to TSS Football Club, a full-time 11-month program for dedicated young players in the Lower Mainland. A select number of players are chosen to participate on one of 8 teams ranging from U11 to U18 for both boys and girls. TSS Football club is designed for young players who are committed to their own development. First and foremost, it's a place of teaching and a place of learning. it's a place to grow your love of the game by learning to play a thoughtful brand of football. Teams train 3 times a week and generally play 40-50 games a year. Younger teams play a variety of exhibition games and tournaments whereas the older teams compete in the adult leagues. 

If this something that interests you, please look through the details of this website and contact us if you have any questions. 



Skill Acquisition in the Girls Game
Are enough young female players getting the required skill instruction and acquisition to play soccer at a proficient level, let alone elite level? When you watch your daughter play the game, is she aimlessly kicking the ball when confronted with pressure or is she trying to solve the problem by deftly escaping pressure through dribbling or by passing to open teammates? To begin with, it’s impossible to properly answer that question unless you have an adequate sense of what the game is supposed to look like...Read more