1751 Savage Road, Richmond, BC

Extra Training at TSS

TSS Academy was founded in 1997 as one of the first pay-per-use soccer academies in the Lower Mainland. Over that time, TSS Academy has become the most established and successful youth soccer academy in the province, boasting over 600 players annually. Players come from all reaches of the Lower Mainland to attend TSS programs. In some case, players even travel from outside the Lower Mainland as far as Kelowna and the Sunshine Coast to attend sessions.

Thousands of players have come through TSS Academy over the years. Many players have used TSS as a stepping stone to greater success in the game - senior national team players such as Christine Sinclair, Terry Dunfield, Sari Raber, and many youth national team players. But TSS is not just for top elite players. The academy helps young players of all abilities to advance their game. Our vision statement is clear:

TSS Academy strives to teach youth how to become skillful and effective soccer players by providing a professional and optimal learning environment. Our objective is to help players attain long term joy and success in the game.

Our academy model supplements the work done by community coaches by breaking down parts of a soccer game into small-sided activities. The emphasis is to help develop stronger technical ability in players for the next level of play - whatever that may be.

Some advanced players attend TSS full-time through TSS FC but the academy is generally for those looking for some added technical work on their game. All sessions take place indoors at the TSS Soccer Centre where young players can be comfortable and focus on their training.