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Image A Beer A Ball The Hip And A Dream
Why does one start a lower league professional soccer club in North America? How do you properly get your head around that topic as a potential owner and a soccer coach? Why on earth did we ever think to build TSS FC Rovers?The short answer is normally somewhere between, because it is so freaking childishly cool and because people said you shouldn’t be so stupid. Somewhere in there is the truth and ultimately both of those answers can be true. It isn’t incredibly fiscally responsible yet there is just something ..Read more
Image Canadians for Canadians
Canada is a funny place if you’re a football fan. You grow up surrounded by hundreds of thousands of people who play the game, millions that care about events such as the Champions League and the World Cup, soccer facilities abound and yet, we are a culturally insignificant country as far as participation at the highest level of the sport go. Such and odd state of affairs. When I grew up football was scarce. You had to seek it out. Saturday mornings and coffee shops or soccer retailers in the back corner. .... Read more