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Image The Forgotten Ones
Coaches at the top levels of the game understand the difference a strong and confident goalkeeper can make to their team. They know a goalkeeper can be the difference between a winning and a loosing season. For teams that do enjoy the benefits of a strong goalkeeper, there is always the nagging worry that if she gets injured, things may go sideways fast given the lack of depth in the position. The unfortunate reality is that there's a low percentage of girls who choose to be a goalkeeper... Read more
Image Skill Acquisition in the Girls Game 
Are enough young female players getting the required skill instruction and acquisition to play soccer at a proficient level, let alone elite level? When you watch your daughter play the game, is she aimlessly kicking the ball when confronted with pressure or is she trying to solve the problem by deftly escaping pressure through dribbling or by passing to open teammates? To begin with, it’s impossible to properly answer that question unless you have an adequate sense of what the game is supposed to look like... Read more
Image TSS Publishes its Blueprint for Development 
TSS is pleased to announce its Blueprint for Development. After endless discussions around the boardroom table, impromptu touch line debates, long car rides into Washington State, watching the professional game, watching TSS teams play, watching other teams play, social media exchanges, trial and error, repeat - the evolution of the TSS Blueprint for Development was not a short ride. This document is about helping our youth players develop in the game. More specifically, it's about the Canadian youth soccer player... Read more
Image Rethinking the Girls Game 
Not long ago, I had a conversation with a knowledgeable football mind regarding the female game. He pointed out that we keep asking females to play the men's version of the game and fail to recognize that female players are different in a number of ways. From a coaching perspective, this notion is certainly not a new one. There are obviously differences between the genders both physically, mentally, and culturally. Few can argue otherwise. So it stands to reason that we should be approaching the game differently... Read more
Image Change the Game 
When it comes to the importance of winning soccer games at the youth level, few topics can elicit such visceral opinions. There are those who believe that placing an emphasis on winning at the youth level can be a destructive undertaking whereas others feel that winning, or trying to win, is a critical component of learning how to compete. In truth, both positions are correct. The real problem lies in the misunderstanding of the topic.... Read more
Image HPL and Lessons from Japan 
For those who had the pleasure of watching Japan compete and ultimately win the 2011 Women's World Cup, you must have been struck by a few things that stand in stark contrast to the youth game here in North America (particularly on the girl's side). For one, the Japanese players were small, very small, especially compared to the US national team. Secondly, the Japanese players could really play soccer.... Read more
Image The Blind Pursuit of Winning 
A youth soccer coach once said to me “I never encourage my girls to play out of the back.” When I asked why, he said “Because they’re not good enough and they’ll get scored on.” I remember thinking to myself - that’s like an English teacher saying “I don’t want my students to write essays because their grammar is poor.” Everyone likes to win. There’s no question that winning makes us feel good and makes us feel successful. But at what point does the pursuit of winning adversely affect our primary objective of developing young players? Read more