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TSS Travels to Baker Blast

TSS Academy brought down a record 10 teams to the Baker Blast tournament in Bellingham, Washington over the June 25-27 weekend. It seemed like everywhere you went across Northwest Soccer Park, there was a TSS jersey in view. Of the 10 TSS teams entered, 8 teams advanced to the semi-finals, 5 advanced to the finals, and 3 teams won their age bracket.

"This was unprecedented for us," says TSS Managing Director Colin Elmes. "We've been coming to the Baker Blast for many years and this is definitely the most representation we've had at this or any other tournament. It's also the most success we've had in terms of how our teams placed."

Special congratulations to the U12 girls team under Chris Livingston who won their age group, as well as the U13 boys under Gareth Hughes, and the U19 girls under Brendan Quarry.

Many of these TSS Academy teams now move on to their final tournament of the program such as the Sounders FC Cup in Seattle, the Crossfire Challenge in Redmond, and the Pat's Cup in Southern California.