1751 Savage Road, Richmond, BC

TSS Supports New Soccer Club

TSS will be providing coaching services to the newly-formed Sportstown Football Club. Sportstown FC is an indoor soccer club currently offering league play and professional training to U7 players for the 2008-09 season. All league games and training sessions will be taking place indoors at Sportstown BC.

“This is a ground-breaking program,” says Colin Elmes, the club’s hired Technical Director. “Many experts in the field of soccer have concluded that countries are not adequately servicing youth players from 6-11 years old. Sportstown Football Club is tackling that deficiency head on with this new initiative and TSS is proud to be involved.”

The program will begin in September 2008. 6 year-old players (born in 2002) will be divided into teams and assigned a professional full-time soccer instructor from the TSS academy. Teams will play indoors every Saturday morning at the Sportstown BC indoor facility in Richmond. Additionally, each team will train at the facility once during the week.

“I’ve never understood why we have players as young as 6 years old playing outside in the winter months,” Elmes continues. “Our job is to not only provide these players with good instruction, it’s to help them develop a love of the game. I’m not sure how we can do that in the pouring rain in temperatures hovering around 0 degrees. This program allows these players to play and train in an ideal soccer environment – indoors on synthetic turf with professional coaches.”

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