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TSS Selects Elite U19 Roster for 2012-2013 Season

The TSS Elite Program is about to embark on its second year of operation beginning in April 2012. Players have now been selected for the 2012-2013 season of this groundbreaking 11-month program. Top female players going into grade 12 will be populating this team as they prepare to compete in the PCSL women's league in the spring/summer, followed by the MWSL Premier Division in the fall/winter. Some TSS alumni players will also be returning to the team in order to provide leadership and strength to the squad.

One of the focuses of the TSS Elite program is to help players prepare for the next level of play. For many players, that means transitioning to college soccer where first-year players will be playing with and against women as much as 5 years older. College coaches regularly state this as the biggest challenge for younger players. The game speeds up at that level and gets far more physical. TSS believes that playing in the women's league is ideal preparation for these advanced players. Many of the players from the existing Elite U19 team have already been offered roster spots on such notable schools as McGill, Queen's, and Laurier.

"This has been a very positive season for us, " says TSS Elite U19 head coach Brendan Quarry. "The players involved in this program have been completely committed and have competed very well throughout the program. As I look at the new players coming into the program, I'm optimistic that next year will be equally as strong."

Players for the 2012-2013 have been drawn from a variety of locations around the Lower Mainland. Richmond, in particular, will be well represented as many players were selected from the current Richmond Red Hot Selects U18 team. TSS is also pleased that Summer Clarke will be joining the U19 Elite team. Clarke currently plays for the U17 Canadian National team and was recently nominated for Canadian Player of the Year.

"What's promising about this intake of players is that many of them have been coached in a similar style of play as the one TSS subscribes to," Quarry continues. "This makes the transition into the TSS Elite program far easier and allows up to get a head start on where we want to end up."

The following players have been selected to the TSS Elite U19 team for the 2012-2013 season:

Nimmie Banipal (GK)
Austin Studer (GK)
Alex Fiorvento
Brenda Murillo
Mary Macgowan
Megan Baird
Morgan King
Nikki Glavina
Ashley Chen
Desiree Caruso
Alyssa Graeme
Madison Higginbotham
Pamela Villavicencio
Natasha Magnus
Jessie Blanchard
Paige Ayers
Summer Clarke
Amrit Berar

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