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TSS Launches Full-Time Program for U17-U18 Girls

TSS Academy is pleased to announce a new 11-month full-time program for advanced U17-U18 female soccer players. Known as the TSS Elite Women's Program, this initiative identifies 18 of the top U17-U18 players from the academy to compete in two different women's leagues. These players will participate in the Pacific Coast Soccer League (PCSL) in the spring/summer season, followed by the Metro Women's Soccer League (MWSL) in the fall/winter season.

"We're very excited about this program," says TSS Managing Director Colin Elmes. "Right now we have 18 top 1994-born players who are about to compete in the Metro Women's Soccer League. It will be challenging but ultimately great preparation as these players transition to college soccer."

Players will be selected from the academy every January with a start date of April 1 to begin training as a group. Because the MWSL allows players as young as 16 to participate in the top 2 tiers of the league, TSS Academy will be looking to select 95-born players and 96-born players beginning in January 2012.

"I would suggest that there are very few college coaches who wouldn't endorse the idea of advanced U17-U18 playing against top-level women," continues Elmes. "It's a different game at that level. It's faster and far more physical so we need to prepare these advanced players for that level."

The TSS Elite team will be coached by Brendan Quarry who is also the current Director of the Girl's Program at TSS. Brendan has 12 years of experience coaching girls in the game and currently holds a National B coaching license. In particular, Brendan has been coaching advanced female players at the U17-U18 age group for the past 5 years.

TSS Academy is also making this program as financially accessible as possible by donating much of its coaching time. Phase 2 of this program, which involves playing in the Metro Women's Soccer League (MWSL) for 7 months during the fall/winter season, will be a mere $150 to cover kit costs. This phase of the program is essentially TSS Academy's way of helping these players advance in the game as they reach the end of their youth soccer careers and their time in our program.

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