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TSS Hits the Road

ImageMany TSS players were on the road over the last couple of weeks as they competed in tournaments under the TSS banner.

The U11 boys, under Greg Berry, emerged as tournament winners in the KYSA Cup in Kamloops as they defeated a U12 Kelowna team in penalty kicks. Like all of the TSS teams, the U11 boys played a year up but still managed to defeat their opponents and take home the trophy.

The U12 girls, under Brendan Quarry, were competing a year up in the top division of the Kamloops tournament and managed to post a respectable record of 1 win, 1 tie, and 1 loss. The girls were up against some strong competition from Kamloops and Prince George. In the end, the TSS girls went down 1-0 in their match against Prince George which knocked them out of the finals.

A U12 boys team, under Carl Valentine, made their way to the finals of the Kamloops tournaments where they lost to a U14 Langley team. The boys showed incredible determination and courage as they twice came up against the older and bigger Langley team. In the end, the size of strength of their opponents was too much to overcome. The Langley team was moved down an age group because of a no-show in the U13 age group. As the TSS team was already playing-up, this proved to be a formidable challenge.

Another U12 boys team, under Yuri Vasilevski, made their way to the finals but lost in penalty kicks against a Penticton U13 team. The result against Penticton was a small victory for TSS as they previously lost 2-0 to Penticton in the preliminary rounds.

The U15 boys were the most adventurous of all as they travelled to Austria to take part in the Cordial Cup, one of the biggest international elite tournaments in Europe. Under the stewardship of Yuri Vasilevski, the boys made a respectable showing against some of Europe’s top boys teams.

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