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TSS at Baker Blast 09

ImageTSS  Academy fielded 7 teams at the Baker Blast tournament in Bellingham, Washington over the June 26-28 weekend. The hot weather did not deter these teams from performing exceptionally well with 5 of the 7 teams qualifying for the semi-finals. 4 TSS teams went through to the finals with 3 teams winning the championship trophy.

"Like every year, this was a great soccer event," said TSS Director Colin Elmes. "TSS teams made a great showing of themselves at the Baker Blast not just from a results-perspective but also in terms of how everyone played soccer. We believe these tournaments are a great opportunity for our young players to execute their learnings in a game environment - whether that results in a win or not."

Special congratulations to the U11 girls under Dave Partridge for winning their age group convincingly. Congratulations also to the U11 boys under Carl Valentine and the U12 boys under Gareth Hughes for also winning their groups.

Some of these teams will now travel down to the Pats Cup in Southern California to finish off their travel program. Best of luck.