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TSS Academy Joins Women's Premier League


For the first time in its history, TSS Academy will be fielding a team in the fall/winter season to compete in the Metro Women's Soccer League (MWSL). A select group of 1994-born players have been chosen from the academy to form a women's team in the premier division of the MWSL. The team will also be complimented with some TSS Academy alumni players at the conclusion of their college season.

"We're very pleased that we can offer this opportunity to our older elite players as they begin their grade 12 year," says TSS Girls Director Brendan Quarry. "Most college coaches will agree that having these players compete in the women's league is ideal preparation for college soccer."

Referred to as the TSS U18 Elite Program, players are primarily selected from the academy in February of their grade 11 year. They begin the program by competing in the reserve division of the Pacific Coast League (PCSL) from May to the end of July. In September of their grade 12 year, the team then competes in the Metro Women's Soccer League until March. The final portion of the program has certain players competing in the premier division of the PCSL from May to the end of July before they head off to college.

To ensure that TSS is making this program as accessible as possible to top players, there are no fees associated with their participation in the Metro Women's Soccer League (MWSL) from September to March of their grade 12 year. There is only a nominal cost-recovery charge of $300 for kit and league fees. TSS believes that top academy players looking to secure positions on college teams should be given affordable opportunities in their final year of high school - a critical year for college soccer recruitment.

"This program is really about helping players get recruited to college and preparing them for that experience," continues Quarry. "Just last March we sent 6 of our 1994-born players down to Queen's University for the weekend to train with their varsity team. Those are the sorts of opportunities we want to offer. We also professionally film a good number of our PCSL games so players have video to show college coaches."

The U18 Elite Program will be coached by Brendan Quarry with assistance from Colin Elmes, the academy's Managing Director. Chris Livingston will also be involved in the program as a certified fitness instructor, specializing in soccer training. During the fall/winter season, the team will be training 2-3 times a week with a game on the weekend.

Come February 2012, TSS will be looking to build their program with 1995-born academy players. "We have our eye on a number of 1995-born players," says Quarry. "We want to continue training them at the academy so we can see if they're ready to step up to this level."


Player Originating Soccer Club
Paige Ayers Tsawwassen SC
Katie Bishop Semiahmoo SC
Desiree Caruso Tsawwassen SC
Zoe Fasoulakis Vancouver FC
Carlie Gau Tsawwassen SC
Amanda Giacomazza Tsawwassen SC
Samantha Holmes-McLuskie Cliff Avenue FC
Tara Nordin Tsawwassen SC
Kristina Pearkes Vancouver FC
Frances Perry Vancouver FC
Elexis Schlossarek Surrey United SC
Daniella Smith Port Coquitlam FC
Shivani Sami Burnaby Girls SC
Gabby Villasenor Tsawwassen SC
Vanessa Wiebe Surrey United SC
Amanda Gilliland (GK) Tsawwassen SC
Alexis Khoshaba (GK) Vancouver FC