1751 Savage Road, Richmond, BC

about TSS FC

The TSS FC is the full-time private soccer club operating in the Lower Mainland of BC. The club offers a full-time 11-month program for boys and girls that spans from April to March. A select number of players are chosen to participate on one of 7 teams.

Professional Instruction
TSS Football Club draws their coaches from TSS Academy where they run countless training sessions honing their teaching ability. This relationship allows TSS FC players to receive the best possible management and instruction as the club moves forward.

For a number of years both players and parents have encouraged TSS Academy to run full-time teams. The political climate surrounding youth soccer in this province has always made that a difficult undertaking. However, over the last number years, TSS Academy has embarked on a program for youth players to develop full-time in our training environment. Now with the creation of TSS Football Club, a program has formed to allow dedicated player to turn to TSS as their primary soccer provider. 

The younger girls and boys teams play friendly matches and tournaments whereas the older girls compete in the adult leagues. Because the adult leagues are borderless and have no age restrictions, they provided the right opportunity for TSS to offer full-time programming for advanced players. More importantly, the adult soccer leagues in BC are progressive enough to welcome any professionally soccer organization.

11-Month Program
Once players are selected between December and February, they continue to train once a week at the academy. Come April, the team of players is assembled and training begins in preparation for their spring/summer phase (Phase 1). Some teams attend tournaments during this phase while other older teams compete in the Metro Women's Soccer League (MWSL) spring league.

At the end of the spring/season in late July, the players take a break for a month and return to training in late August for pre-season. In September, the teams resume their competitive matches. Younger teams play matches roughly every 2 weeks whereas the older players compete in the upper levels of the Metro Women's Soccer League (MWSL). 

For more detailed information, please visit the teams program section.