1751 Savage Road, Richmond, BC

about TSS academy

ImageTSS Academy runs a variety of programs throughout the year to help players advance their skills and understanding of the game. The core of the staff at TSS are full-time coaching professionals who subscribe to a set of beliefs with respect to coaching and development. At the core of TSS is the belief that coaching is about teaching and we strive to create the best learning environment possible for players. Players are continually assessed based on the TSS Layers of Learning which is a teaching model to help players and parents understand the elements of becoming a complete player.

Our vision statement is as follows:

TSS Academy strives to teach youth how to become skillful and effective soccer players by providing a professional and optimal learning environment. Our objective is to help players attain long term joy and success in the game.

TSS is not just for elite players. The academy helps young players of all abilities to advance their game. One of the foundations of our program is to have "like-skilled and like-minded" players train together. We have training groups for high-level elite players and training groups for beginner players. 

In the fall, TSS runs its weekend academy. This program supplements the training that players receive from their community club teams. Our academy is composed of more than 400 players, both boys and girls, ranging from U7 – U18.

In addition to our weekend academy, TSS runs programs such as summer camps We encourage you to look through our website to see if a particular program interests you. If you require any additional information on our programs or our academy in general, please don't hesitate to contact our staff.